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Thursday, August 13, 2009

What Goes In Must Come Out

The full title of this post is really “What Goes Into My Twins Must Come Out of Them Usually at the Exact Moment I’m about to Eat My Meal and Looks Suspiciously Like What I’m about to Eat.”

With twins, it never seems to fail that whenever I’m about to sit down to eat my meal, one of them decides that this is the exact moment that they need to make a poop. It’s bad enough to have to clean up after doody when you’re about to eat, but to make matters worse whatever they make seems to oddly resemble exactly what I’m about to eat.

Take last night as an example. We had gone to the beach and ended up eating a late lunch on our way back home. When we finally got home, I was in the mood for a light dinner, just some bread and olive tapenade – a delightful mixture of chopped kalamata, black, and green olives in olive oil with garlic. I had just dipped the bread into the tapenade, which was now on the way to my mouth, when my precious and loved child announced she had to “make a doody.”

Now, I won’t go into the details, but suffice it to say it looked very similar to my much looked forward to olive tapenade that I wasn’t sure if I could still eat it. Reality proved too harsh and after a few bites I had to put it away and find something else to eat. And, I won’t even tell you about the time I was about to eat split pea soup – a delightful mixture of mashed green peas, chopped carrots, onions, and water.

Given my twins track record both at home and in restaurants, I wasn’t really surprised that she had to go. Actually, I’ve heard from countless waitresses who say that a lot of kids do this. They tell me that as soon as they put the meal down, one of the children declare that they need to go “now!” It’s a phenomenon apparently that crosses all age and cultural boundaries. Who knew?

So, I’m taking an informal poll here – tell us, do you get to sit down and eat your meal in peace or in poop?


  1. I love the full title of this post...that is classic!!! I laughed out loud! I've experienced several moments like that. It never seems to fail, esp when it's a meal I'm really looking forward to. The same thing happens to us at restaurants too.

  2. This is a wonderful post, Shelby---What a riot!
    (I'll never look at tapenade the same way again...)

    LOVE the new adding you to my regular reads and blog roll...thanks for including me!

  3. I so love tapenade and now I will have a whole new outlook. Hysterical!