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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Best Books I Read in 2010

At the start of every year, I compile a list of the best books that I've read in the previous year. I read about 50 books a year, but there are only a handful that make this list - I'm picky!

Here are the best books I've read in 2010 (in no order):

I Can Make You Thin by Paul McKenna (Self-Help)
I kind of got this book as a joke - I really didn't think that it was going to be anything special and possibly even laughable, but it was truly awesome. It helped me to lose 10 lbs by helping me to realize my bad eating habits and how to correct them. It's a quick read filled with a lot of practical information about how to lose weight without dieting.

I'll Never Be French (no matter what I do) by Marc Greenside (Non-Fiction)
How many countless books can be published about silly Americans buying a house in a foreign country only to find that he/she is in over their head? This one is priceless though. I laughed outloud many many times and really like the author - he gets himself into the funniest circumstances.

The Opposite of Me by Sarah Pekkanen (Fiction)
This was just a good fun "chick lit" type of book that has twins as characters. Very enjoyable and a fun book to read. I loved the main character and could relate with her a lot.

Gilded: How Newport Became America's Richest Resort by Deborah Davis (Non-Fiction)
I live about 1.5 hours away from Newport, RI so I've been there and seen the beautiful "summer cottages" (aka huge mansions of the rich) many times. This book goes beyond the glitz and glimmer of the beautiful facades and gives us the nitty gritty details about the houses and the families (as wacky as they were) that lived there. I loved learning about New York and Newport high society.

The Glass of Time by Michael Cox (Fiction)
If I had to pick the best book out of the lot, this would be it for 2010! This is a book that kept me up late at night reading. I would try to steal a few pages while the twins were busy doing something during the day and I would carry it around the house with me. It was un-put-downable. There aren't a lot of fiction books that have this effect on me so this is huge in my opinion. I loved this story about a family secrets in Victorian England. The author reveals the plot layer by layer in brilliant fashion. You won't be disappointed!

Did you have a favorite book that you read in 2010? If so, post it here... I'd love to know.

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