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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Problems I Wish I Had

It's true... I've been a little blue and cranky lately. This happens to me every year during this time of year as I deal with the miseries of winter in New England. I am not a cold weather person, I don't like snow, and outdoor winter activities turn me into a popsicle.

My hands from November until May are like ice cubes so every year I start searching online for homes in warmer climates. However, by the time I'm done looking the weather has turned a corner here and I wonder why I ever wanted to leave in the first place.

I've also been dealing with a few minorly stressful things (in the grand scheme of things - keeping it in perspective) which hasn't helped my mood any. Although I'm grateful that my issues are minor, it got me thinking about problems I wish I had. That sounds funny, doesn't it? When you read my list below, you'll understand where I'm coming from.

Problems I Wish I Had

  • I can't decide whether to get my nails manicured on a Tuesday or a Wednesday or what color I want them polished.

  • I have so much money in my bank account that I've passed the limit for being FDIC insured.

  • My passport is so filled with stamps from wonderful vacations that I need a new one.

  • My personal chef always arrives 10 minutes early just as the massage therapist is wrapping up and I can't answer the door.

  • The smell of popcorn in my home theater drifts over to our bowling area.

  • The private school my twins attend called to say that my twins have completed the entire curriculum for the year in only 3 months and they have nothing left to teach them.

  • Figure out how will I get my personal assistant, chef, and two nannies to my winter home in Arizona.

  • My mailbox is overflowing every day with letters from children whose lives were saved by a very generous donation I made to the research foundation.

  • Should I wear my Louis Vuitton or Prada purse when I go shopping.

  • My husband keeps buying me red roses when I told him that I wanted white ones.

  • The credit card company called to say that they made a mistake on my last bill and they owe me $10,000.

  • The new wing of the library that's named after me is completely filled with books and they don't know where they are going to put the new books I sent over and want my suggestions.

  • My twins complain that my $35 lipstick leaves stains on their cheeks when I kiss them.

What problems do you wish you had? Leave a comment below and add to the fun.

Photo credit: Jennifer (on twitter as @Jamiain) at Blizzard of 2010. To view original photo, go to TwitPic Photos.


  1. I wish I had too many empty closets and cupboards to fill.

  2. You have been nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award...go to my blog and follow the instructions.
    I love your blog!