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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Having Fun with Twins' Language

I've learned the hard way with my twins that it isn't always how I say something, it's about the exact words I use. Here are some examples...

1. When asking my twins to clean their room, they fight me tooth and nail on this request. However, if I ask them to organize their room they are only too happy to comply.

2. When at the dentist, if they are asked if they want sparkly teeth, they cry hysterically and try to get out of the chair. But, if they are asked if they want clean teeth, well, then that's okay. For some reason clean works for teeth, but not for rooms.

3. My daughter likes sandwiches which the main ingredient is a hamburger patty, but if I ask her if she wants a burger, she crosses her arms and says "no!"

4. My twins do not want to take art lessons, but it's very acceptable and even fun to go to art school.

Do you have any similar examples where using the "wrong" words get you into trouble?


  1. This is hysterical and SOOOO true! Will have to dig into my memory banks, but feel confident we had similar arbitrary choices!

  2. This made me's so true!!! Funny how seemingly innocent words freak the heck out of them but other words intrigue them. Oh, to live inside a child's head for just one day...