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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Favorite Book

There is no way that I could pick just one book for the illustrious honor of being my favorite book! Could you? I read over 100 books a year times that by many, many years and you've got a lot of books.

But, I like to keep track of these things so that when people ask me what my favorite books are I have them on hand and ready to share (and also that I can remember them in old age or when my twins kill off some more of my brain cells).

Here is a list of my all time favorite books. To be fair to authors, I didn't include any of the books that I sell on So, on with the show...

Favorite Chick-Lit Book of All Time
Alice K's Guide to Life - Caroline Knapp
This is the book that started the genre.

Favorite Book as a Middle Schooler
Luuvy and the Girls - Natalie Savage Carlson

Favorite Play (tie)
The Heidi Chronicals - Wendy Wasserstein
Shirley Valentine - Willy Russell

Favorite Book of my Husband's That I Would Like To Throw Out
Private Parts - Howard Stern

Favorite Book from the 50s
Gentleman Prefer Blondes - Anita Loos

Favorite Book about Breaking Up
Heartburn - Nora Ephron

Favorite Book Translated into English
Like Water for Chocolate - Laura Esquivel

Favorite Funny Book
I Love Everybody and Other Atrocious Lies - Laurie Notaro
Seriously pee in your pants kind of funny.

Favorite Book I Use as a Flyswater That Belongs to My Husband
Miss America - Howard Stern

Favorite Book about an Australian Expat
Almost French - Sarah Turnbull

Favorite Book about Australia
In a Sunburned Country - Bill Bryson

Favorite Book About a Woman on a Boat and Favorite Book I Read in 2009
The Motion of the Ocean - Janna Cawrse Esarey (um, that's pronounced JAN-nuh Course ES-uh-ree)
Hilarious and heartfelt.

Favorite Book About Buying a House in Another Country
I'll Never Be French - Marc Greenside

Favorite Book that Changed My Attitude
Forget Perfect - Lisa Earle McLeod

Favorite Book That Made Me Rethink Things
The Secret - Rhonda Byrnes

Favorite Book Turned into a Movie
The Prestige - Christopher Priest

Favorite Book by an Author Who I've Had a Crush on for 22 Years
If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B Movie Actor - Bruce Campbell

Favorite Book Series
Shopaholic - Sophie Kinsella

Favorite Book with Plot Twists
Glass of Time - Michael Cox

Favorite Self Help Book in the Marriage Department
The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work - John M. Gottman, PhD

Favorite Autobiography of a Chef
My Life in France - Julia Child

Favorite Autobiography of a Swimming Movie Star
The Million Dollar Mermaid - Esther Williams

Favorite Book Written Like an Autobiography
The Memoirs of Cleopatra - Margaret George

Favorite Book about the Fate of Marie Antoinette's Daughter
Marie-Therese, Child of Terror - Susan Nagel

Favorite Biography
Bess of Hardwick: Empire Builder - Mary S. Lovell

Favorite Historical Fiction about Catherine de Medici
The Devil's Queen - Jeanne Kalogridis

Favorite Book That Made Me Thin
I Can Make You Thin - Paul McKenna

Favorite Book about the History of Chinese Food in America
The Fortune Cookie Chronicals - Jennifer 8 Lee

Favorite Classic
The Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald

Favorite Gothic Classic
Rebecca - Daphne du Maurier

Favorite Book Based on a TV Show
Burn Notice - Tod Goldberg

Favorite Book of All Time
The Queen's Necklace - Frances Mossiker
This book has it all... love, scandal, fine jewelry, history, murder, deception, the guillotine, and it's 100% true!

What are your favorite books??

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