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Saturday, February 11, 2012

My Magazine Addiction

I am a magazine junkie and have been since I was a kid. My magazine tastes have changed over time, but the excitement that I hold for magazines has not.

There are so many factors as to why I love magazines as much as I do - the fun of opening my mailbox and finding something other than bills, the distraction it gives me from the daily grind, learning about new things and getting inspired, the glossy photos that make everything look perfect, and with each issue there is something new and exciting to read. I also especially love international magazines although subscribing to them is pricey so I tend to pick these up when I travel.

I found a fellow magazine junkie in @tracizeller over on Twitter. I love hearing about people's favorite magazines so I asked her if she had a list of the magazines that she reads posted on her blog. She didn't, but then I realized that I didn't either!

Here is a list of the magazines I subscribe to:

Just for Fun

People *

US Weekly

Entertainment Weekly

Fashion & Beauty

People Stylewatch


New Beauty *
(I get this through the Beauty Test Tube on


Unique Homes

Canada's Style at Home

HGTV Home *

Women's Mag

Woman's Day *

Ladies Home Journal

Working Mother - Didn't know I subscribed to this, but it started showing up one day.

Health & Cooking

Women's Health

Taste of Home Healthy Cooking

Wegman's Menu


Travel + Leisure *

Conde Nast Traveler



Inc. *

Internet Retailer

Website Magazine

* I starred my favorite magazine in each category.

Buying Magazines and Saving $$$
In my opinion the BEST place to buy magazines is through If you're not familiar with eBates, when you're ready to shop for something you first go to their website and look for the store that you want to shop online at.

When you find the store, you'll notice a % next to their name - that's the % cash back you'll get if you shop at that online store by using the link provided on eBates. Each quarter eBates sends you a check of your earnings.

I typically use through eBates which depending on the time of year can save me 26 - 52% off magazines (between Thanksgiving and New Years is the highest % back). If you want to sign up for eBates and give me a perk in the process, I've posted my Tell-A-Friend link. No pressure.

Post in the comments section what magazines you like to read and why you like to read them - I'm always on the prowl for new magazines to read!

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  1. Oh Dear Heaven...Magazines are an addiction for me too (and my man.) So much so, that when we were expecting the twins and knew we'd have to scrimp a bit, culling the magazine subs was a first step...slowly but surely, we've started re-accumulating....

    They just collect, so! Keep entertaining the thought of Nook subscriptions, but I like the feel of the pages.I'm with you, Sister!