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Friday, April 6, 2012

Call for Contributors - Two Little Time: Twins Advice for the Hurried Mom and Dad

As a bookstore owner, it was bound to happen sooner or later – I would get the itch to publish a book. That time has come and I need your help!

Just because I’m a mom of twins doesn’t mean that I’m the expert on how to raise them, collectively we ALL are the experts, but we’re so short on time aren’t we?! That’s where the idea for my e-book came in. Two Little Time: Twins Advice for the Hurried Mom and Dad will be a collection of 5 bulleted “must know” tips and advice for raising twins from all of us.

This is a chance for you to get published, gain exposure as a “twins expert,” help other moms and dads by sharing your knowledge, and market your blog/website/business to the twins community. In addition, contributors can post Two Little Time on their website or blog to make available to their readers for FREE.

Interested in submitting an article?

It’s easy! Just come up with 5 bulleted tips/advice for raising twins/multiples; write a bio about yourself; read and sign the book agreement. Submissions accepted until June 30, 2012. All the juicy details are below in our Submissions Guideline and Book Agreement downloads (in PDF format).

Download our Submission Guidelines here.

Download our Book Agreement here.

Want to see the original blog post I wrote where I came up with this idea – visit my personal blog Prologue to a Twins Blog.

Thanks so much for your interest! Together we can make a difference… quickly.

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